Our Philosophy

Hockey is for everyone.

We here at Rink Threads believe this statement wholeheartedly and have put it behind absolutely everything we do. Everyone of every size, every ability, every race, nationality, gender, orientation, and any other difference can play and fall in love with this game. 

This is why we absorb all the costs for larger sizes. 

This is why we make all designs available in all sizes. 

This is why we do not segregate items by gender, but rather “Youth sizes” and “Adult sizes”.

This is why you might see a "Hockey Parent" t-shirt in a youth size. At first, it might seem slightly odd, but parents come in all shapes and sizes and we believe that everyone should have access to tees that express their interests.

So while you’ll never see a size upcharge, you’ll see some great hockey-themed designs on high quality apparel for a fair price. We’re committed to keeping you looking your best in your Rink Threads, but we also want you feeling your best. 

The t-shirts we print on were chosen because the very first time I put one of them on, I immediately knew it was the most comfy, high quality tee I’d ever experienced. And now you can experience that too! 

What are Our Values?

  • Inclusion
  • Diversity
  • Heart
  • Compassion

Why is this all so important to us? 

As a kid, I remember having a hard time finding hockey t-shirts. When I did, they were often adult sized or in the “boys” section. I would wear oversized tees just to get that cool hockey design in my wardrobe. I wanted the whole world to know how proud I was to play hockey...especially as a girl..and a goalie!

Now that I’m a grown-up (debatable), it’s my turn to turn around and make it right. Between that kid me and the now adult me, I learned a lot along the way about people and my own moral compass. Most of all, I started to notice something: once the hockey helmet was on and we were on the ice, all that mattered was the puck, the net, and the good times. All the other barriers fell away. I really want to extend that feeling off the ice. And now, I really miss having access to all the "Kids" designs. 

We’re Rink Threads. We make Hockey Tees for everyone. And we can't wait to get you into your next favourite tee.

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