The GOAT Program

The GOAT program is a unique, Year Round Brand Ambassador Program that highlights a new GOAT every month. 

GOAT Prospects compete on Instagram in 4 different categories. 

The Top Prospect in each category as of Midnight EST the 31st of each month is added to the Top 4 Wheel. 

On the 1st of every month at 8PM EST, we spin the wheel LIVE on Instagram, crown a new GOAT, and announce the next month's Theme and Challenge.  

Eligibility Requirements, Prizes, Categories, and the Entry Form are included below. Please read them all carefully. 

Please be advised that the GOAT Program is now CLOSED. Stay tuned to our Instagram and website, or sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date on the next start date.

What do GOATS Get?

  • A Free GOAT Tee (Exclusive to Rink Threads GOATs & not available for sale).
  • A Free Rink Threads Tee or hoodie of your choice
  • Tagged in our Bio for your Winning Month
  • Followed by all next month's GOAT prospects
  • Featured on the homepage banner for your Winning Month.
  • A picture and short bio in the new "GOAT Pen" on our site.
  • Your content reposted & featured for your Winning Month on our IG (With you tagged).
  • A personalized promo code for 10% OFF Rink Threads to share. 
  • A custom badge of your Winning Category & the GOAT badge to display on your Instagram
  • A repost of the post of your choosing to our feed & stories, naming you as the winner of that category & The GOAT and saved to our Highlights. 
  • Bragging rights in your bio!
  • The possibility for more prizes in the future as we add to the program 

Category Winners Get:

  • A custom badge of their Winning Category to display on their Instagram.
  • 30% OFF one purchase from good for the month
  • A repost of the post of their choosing to our feed & stories, naming them as the winner of that category and saved to our Highlights. 
  • Your Instagram username (linked to your profile) in the GOAT Pen on our website.
  • Bragging rights in their bio!

The Categories

  1. Customer Champ
    The best brand ambassadors are existing customers who already own our products and love them. The winner of this category will have posted frequent, high quality content either wearing, opening, buying, or reviewing Rink Threads products. 
  2. Values Viper
    This Prospect will be a champion of our Values (Inclusion, Diversity, Heart, and Compassion). They will have posted and tagged us in content that honours these pillars. 
  3. Challenge Beast
    Every month will have a new Challenge. The Challenge Beast will have completed or competed valiantly in that Challenge, posting their progress/completion using the challenge-specific hashtag, and tagging us as well. 
  4. Content Conqueror
    The Content Conqueror is the ultimate posting machine! This Prospect will have post so much creative, quality content under #RinkThreadsGoat and tagged us so much that it makes our head spin.

    Want the best shot? Compete in all categories! Make sure your posts are all hashtagged with #RinkThreadsGOAT and/or the Monthly Challenge Hashtag (announced the 1st of each month during the LIVE and posted to our Instagram) AND be sure to tag us @RinkThreadsOfficial in all posts 

GOATs need to:

  • Have a shipping address in Canada or The USA
  • Have someone Over 18 fill out the Eligibility form BELOW
  • Have a non-private IG profile (so we can share all your rad content)
  • Have a general hockey feel to their Instagram Page
  • Follow RinkThreadsOfficial & the Current Month's GOAT (tagged in our bio) on IG
  • Repost our GOAT search post for that month, tag us in it, and use #RinkThreadsGOAT 
  • Align with our Values!

What Doesn't Matter?

  • Number of followers doesn't matter.
  • Age doesn't matter.
  • Ability doesn't matter.
  • The type of hockey you play or watch doesn't matter (Fan, Roller, Coach, Parent, Sledge, Mini Sticks, Street, Ball, etc.) 
  • Every post doesn't HAVE to be hockey related. Get creative, post things that honour our values, post things in align with our Monthly theme, post telling us what you LOVE about this game, what you don't, etc. The sky is the limit. 

    Go to our Instagram by clicking the Icon here: 

If after review by Rink Threads, any Prospect is found to not comply with one or all of the above requirements, they will be disqualified.

Most of all, HAVE FUN! 


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