Why Hockey Shirts?

Hello one, hello all.

When I started this new venture, I thought I was going to make some fun hockey shirt designs and maybe sell a few t-shirts. I didn’t realize that this was something I had been building to my whole life. 

I have a very distinct memory of standing in Northern Getaway (for those who weren’t children in 1990s Canada, it was a kids’ clothing store) and spotting it across the way (in the “boys” section of course). It was a tshirt with a puck on the top left chest with “I love hockey” written around it. I’d just started playing in a league after years of falling in love with street hockey and that t-shirt spoke to me. It was the first time I’d ever experienced the feeling of expressing myself through clothing. I wore the living daylights out of that shirt. And while I found a few more in the “boys” section over the years, I never saw any in the “girls” section. And the ones I did find in kids sizes were few and far between. I’d often wear adult sized “men’s” t-shirts. They were often the only hockey themed tshirts I could find.  

Young Girl, holding a birthday cake with a goalie mask on it, wearing a red t-shirt with a puck on the left chest.

Now, that I’m an adult, I recognize that it’s my turn to change it. I know there are a lot of hockey lifestyle companies out there right now, trying to sell you t-shirts. Some of them are awesome. Some of them are just their logo. It would be easy for Rink Threads to put our logo on everything, but frankly I find that tactic a bit tacky. We’re so new, no one knows us yet. Our logo isn’t yet recognizable. So until our logo adds value to your threads, we’re gonna just stick to the awesome designs. If you DO like our logo, we give you the option to buy shirts and hoodies with it emblazoned on the chest. 

Hockey is one of the sports filled with the most heart. The clothing brand you wear to show your game should as well. Heart should flow through their very philosophy. It does here. Every design is made by a hockey player, for hockey players. We want to put you in clothing that make people stop on the street and say “Wow, cool tee!” 

You can expect that here, the shirts will never be dull. We plan on keeping our collection fresh, by keeping the shirts you love (so you can buy them as you either grow or shrink in size), can buy them as gifts, or even get them on new products as we roll them out. But we will commit to bringing you fresh new designs so you can always find something that speaks to you.

Designing hockey tees is what we love after all. 

So thanks for stopping by and reading this far. Even if you don’t buy a shirt, you can show us support in other ways. Share this site, follow and share our Instagram (@rinkthreadsofficial), follow our Facebook page, and more importantly, never stop playing. Without hockey players, we have no business. 

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