How did this Happen?

One night, out of totally nowhere I had this idea for a hockey themed t-shirt. I had this overwhelming feeling that I just HAD to create this design. This was before I had any inclination that I would be starting up a whole t-shirt business. I was just inspired. 

So I created it. And once it was done, I really wanted to see what it looked like on a t-shirt. After some research, I found that I could put it on a mock-up. I couldn’t believe how much I loved that design and seeing my idea on a t-shirt. That was really, really cool. I thought it would end there.
The design that started it all. 

The next day, the same thing happened. And it kept happening until I had about 20 designs. I then got an email from the Windsor Essex Small Business center, saying they had a workshop about selling through e-commerce. I jumped at the chance. 

As soon as the workshop was done, I knew I had to open my own hockey t-shirt business. To say I was terrified would be an understatement. But what good thing in life doesn’t come with a little fear? So I put on my bravery like armour and just jumped. I’ve been working my bum off ever since, starting up Rink Threads. But I wanted to do it right. I wanted to be a real business and be able to provide for my customers in that way. This is why we charge GST/HST and also why we took so long to sell in the USA and UK. I want to make sure everything's legitimate. There is no penalty box in business, but there are fines and major consequences. So we set everything up right, with huge help from the Windsor Essex Small Business Center (Seriously, they’ve been the MVP of this startup). 

So while I am still terrified, I’m going to keep pushing through. I’m going to keep learning and doing everything I can to keep folks in the hockey community in awesome RInk Threads that make heads turn. I adore hockey shirts and frankly, am so excited to wear my own and to see you all in them as well. 

We started off with 10 designs (2 full lines) and while even more of those lightbulb moments keep happening, we’re gonna make sure there’s always something fresh in the store. If you see something you like, or bought something you now love, let us know. We’ll keep fan favourites in our lineup and discontinue others to make room for rookie designs. 

So whether you're looking for some new Back to School Threads or just some high quality tees with the BEST hockey designs, Rink Threads has something for you!

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